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A Day in the Life

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Chef Brenner usually starts his day around 6am, depending on whether he has trips to make to local stores in Kitchener-Waterloo, or if he has a big catering (or two) that day. He has started as early as 4am, and (rarely) sleeps in past seven.

When he arrives at The Garden Stand in New Hamburg, he unloads his van, and heads into the store to check inventory, and restock or reorganize as needed. The stove is turned on, food starts to cook, and Adam begins responding to emails and texts. The phone usually starts ringing soon after that, and Chef Brenner multitasks between cooking, directing staff, responding to emails, and speaking with customers and clients.

Depending on the day's plans, he creates a number of items for the store, and/or organizes for any upcoming caterings. His day sometimes ends at 6, but he has also wandered home well past midnight after a wedding or other large event. When he gets home, he still makes himself available to emails, phone calls, and texts, while he cooks dinner in his new dream kitchen. He usually spends the rest of his evening with his partner, and their dog, working, and falling asleep to Netflix (usually within ten minutes).

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