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Social Distancing? We Can Deliver.

With Justin Trudeau's request for people to stay home, and Doug Ford placing us in a state of emergency, we realize that a lot of you are not comfortable going out to shop and run errands. But, you do need to eat!

Starting Wednesday, March 18th, The Garden Stand will allow you to order online or place orders over the phone and have food delivered to your home. We prefer that your order is a $50 minimum, to enable us to use our staff the most efficiently.

To place your order, either visit and choose your items to order online, or call The Garden Stand at 519-390-0808. We prefer that you pay via e-transfer, but if that is not a viable option, you can pay by cheque, exact cash, or credit card. To pay with credit card, you will need to call the store. Cheques can be made out to Adam Brenner, and e-transfers can be made to After your order has been placed, someone will be in touch with you to give you a delivery time approximation.

This is our first time doing this, so please, be patient.

We hope you know how much we appreciate you supporting local in this confusing and trying time. Small businesses are usually the first to suffer in any sort of pandemic, so we are grateful for the support we have in Wilmot and Waterloo Regions.

Please stay safe, be vigilant, and practice social distancing.

Take care.

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