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Q: Does your food come fresh or frozen?
A: Our prepared meals are available fresh and frozen, just be sure to follow the reheat directions accordingly.

Q: Do you accommodate Gluten free?
A: Yes! We have Gf, Df, Vegan, Vegetarian, and even some Keto friendly options. If you're ever unsure please clarify with one of our Chef's when checking out.

Q: Do you offer full service catering?
A: That simply depends on your event style, group size, budget, and location. We are happy to arrange a custom menu that is the best fit for your special occasion. Wether it's a platted style, party platters, or a reheat at home.

Q: How far in advance should I lock in my event?
A: The sooner the better as we are already filling up for 2024 & 2025. 

Q: What type of events do you accommodate?
A: We offer Custom Catering, Social Events, Corporate, Celebration of Life, Buffet, Cocktail Hour, and, Platted Dining.

Q: How much is catering per person?
A: Things to consider are your event style, group size, location, and budget.  Our main goal is helping you decide what makes the most appropriate sense for your occasion. It's important to have this information available when you're inquiring and providing as much detail as possible.

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